Alchera Bus

Insights & reporting for Local Authorities to deliver improved bus services - strategically and operationally - driven by data & analytics.

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Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitor bus network performance by average journey times and speeds, including highlighting variability. Understand how punctual your routes really are against the timetable.

Satisfy DfT reporting requirements out of the box
Self-select corridors to create a more holistic view of the network
Monitor and analyse trends on the network, including patronage numbers and ticketing data

Network Improvements

Shine a light on how underlying infrastructure impacts bus networks. Surface powerful economic benefits calculations to prioritise spend on interventions while improving operational capabilities, all supported by highly granular insights.

Enable better tuning of your network, such as enhancing signal timing optimisation
Flag and alert pinch points at corridor/junction level to target prioritisation measures
Rank junctions & links, by economic or delay metrics, to highlight areas of the network most in need of attention

Turbocharge bus teams, using data to help monitor & improve the network.

Alchera Bus is a web-based software & analytics suite for bus professionals to investigate historical & real-time bus activity. Monitor, evaluate and improve bus networks. Drill into bus movements at links, junctions and corridors on the network. Find, monitor and improve the real root cause of delays.

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Reporting, tailored to your needs.

Bus Punctuality

On-time performance for self-serve time periods across all your routes, bu junction, corridor, route or bus operator.

Journey Time

See average speeds and journey times along individual segments, through signals, and in comparison to freeflow, on summary dashboards.


Enhancing reporting across your network via integration directly with bus operator systems, split by ticket type and boarding location.

Pinch Point Factor

Scored pinch point factor, to understand the impact of hot spot junctions on bus reliability & speed.

Economic Benefit

TAG-compliant economic cost to support business case building for all hotspots, broken down by scheme, corridor and time of day.

Policy Datasets

Keep up with changing policy by overlaying datasets - like safety stats or emissions - to support business cases.


Take a more holistic view of the network

Look at bus movements alongside your other transport modes, zoomed out to the region, or in to a junction. Use the insights to hold productive conversations with colleagues, based on data - across cars, bikes, scooters and pedestrians.


See your different modes in one place

Cross-team collaboration

Pay only for the resources you use
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